Refund/Return/Damage Policy:

RETURN POLICY: We have a 7-day "No Questions Asked" Return Policy for wrong plant or things that are the fault of the owner; the Buyer simply packs up the plant, as received; and at owner's cost, returns the plant via USPS Priority Mail. Upon receipt of a viable plant, a full refund is then initiated through PayPal. If it is found to be the fault of the buyer, buyer pays return shipping and a restocking charge of 50% of the purchase price including shipping or a minimum of the shipping both ways plus a restocking charge of 20%, this to be determined by the owner. Once products have been pulled from the nursery and taken to the shipping area, a restocking fee of 20% of the product charge is in affect. All policies are in print and to be determined by the owner.

SUBSTITUTIONS: We reserve the right to substitute smaller or larger sizes in plants depending on what is in stock. If there are extra charges, then we will email what charges for permission, but if there are no charges or if there are only refunds, then we will send the product on to save time.

DAMAGE: None of the carriers are perfect in their deliveries. If there is obvious damage to the box, please immediately take pictures of the damage prior to opening. After opening, if there is no damage to the plant, then proceed with the inside instructions sent with the plant; but if there is damage to the plant, please take pictures and send the damaged box pictures and any plant damage pictures to us via email, and/or call for help (409-381-0128). The more detailed the pictures are, the better for winning a claim filed. Please do not refuse the shipment, as the USPS already considers you to be in ownership after the package leaves my hands; and this only lengthens the problem resolution time. Upon receipt of the pictures we then will replace the plant, as quickly as possible, or refund your expenditure, if we have none in stock. We can and will follow through with any further paperwork to file claims with the USPS. You are not responsible for anything else, unless someone from the USPS or from Talbott Nursery needs to ask you any questions. Your cooperation is appreciated. Our goal is NOT to have any shipping problems or difficulties for any customer to deal with, and for all our customers to have a pleasant experience with orders from us.

DAMAGE BY USPS DEFINITION: Damage per USPS definition is any obvious damage or destruction to the outside of the shipping box itself. There is possible USPS insurance to cover those problems. The Post Office considers claims for damage such as lost, crushed, torn, opened parcels, and literal loss of plants, while they will not pay for dried out dead or dying plants because of late delivery….Talbott Nursery generally replaces those, when contacted immediately with pictures, as mentioned. Talbott Nursery is not in the habit of replacing plants at a later date or any time because of a lack of experience of the buyer, although I am always interested in helping via the phone or email to answer any questions .

Email: [email protected] Cell: 409-381-0128

Customer is responsible for all shipping costs if seller is not at fault.

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Revised 2 OCT 2014 JT