We sell all Citrus, orange trees, lemon trees, lime trees, and grapefruit trees. Since January of 2018 we only sell Citrus in 5 gallon pots, but we designate 5 gal and 7 gal sizes so that the 7gal size designates older larger trees with calipers of the trunk over 3/8 inch or larger and the smaller trees as only 1/4 inch caliper and smaller. The 7 gal trees are not much taller, but are bushier and as mentioned a larger in caliper in trunk size.

Plants are shipped out on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and sometimes on Saturdays....except holidays. Citrus Trees are shipped in the pots so as not to disturb the roots. If the Post Office gets careless and damages the package(See “Damage” under shipping) please follow the instructions under "Damage". I only ship plants to lower 48 states to states that allow Citrus to be shipped, no international shipping at this time, but am working on same on a country by country basis, so email me with any requests! If there are any certificates or special shipping costs above and beyond what normally occurs in my regular shipping to the lower 48 states...buyer is responsible to tell me and pay any additional costs incurred. Please immediately email or call me upon arrival of shipment, for any problems that you think might have occurred. We do not ship Citrus to American Samoa, Arizona, California, Florida, Guam, Hawaii, Louisiana, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands. John Talbott

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Lime Thornless KEY LIME Mexican Lime Tree-Citrus aurantifolia Zone 10 Tropical LIME KIEFFER KEY Mexican Lime Tree-Citrus aurantifolia Zone 9 Tropical
Lime Thornless "KEY LIME" Mexican Lime Tree-Citrus aurantifolia Zone 10 Tropical

  • · The bartender's lime with the added bonus of having no thorns
  • · Mature fruit is small, green to yellow green ripening in July to December
  • · Best grown in areas with long summers and frost free winters or greenhouse in winter
  • · Full sun
  • · 12-15 in height 6-8 width at maturity
  • · Blooms early Spring
  • Zone 10

    LIME KIEFFER "KEY" Mexican Lime Tree-Citrus aurantifolia Zone 9 Tropical

    • Key Lime, Bartender's Lime, West Indian Lime
    • Plant bushy moderate sized to 12 Feet
    • Leaves distinctly aromatic
    • Must be moved inside in the winter...will freeze
    • Most areas are thorny
    • Fragrant white bloom throughout the year
    • Fruit harvest from Autumn to Winter prolific fruiting, worth it!
    • Fruit is 1 1/2 inches in diameter, almost round, smooth greenish-yellow rind
    • We raise them in Gallon, Full Gal., 3-Gal, and 5-Gal. available at various times of the year.
    • Zone 9 tropical